Social Responsibility and Sustainability

As Menderes Tekstil the basis of our wealth and strength comes from nature. Like every individual and company which exists by using natural resources we are aware of our responsibilities to the nature which gives us the opportunity to create value.  The fact that the resources of the world are limited with the ever increasing needs gives us the inspiration to protect and ensure the continuity of this wealth which is the source of our existence.

Our purpose is also to transfer our company which played a part in the development of Turkey and the region we are in which became a significant value in Turkey, our work concept and our love for our environment to the future generations above making our business and success permanent and exist in the future together with our business partners. And this presents us the necessity to maintain correct and constructive relationships with our social environment besides our investment in business processes.

We, as Menderes Tekstil, know very well that we can not achieve our success vision without resorting to reducing our environmental impact and without making this concept of ours widespread with social interactions.  For this reason, our company is amongst the Better Cotton Initiative – BCI participants which was founded and started its operations in the Geneva city of Switzerland in 2005 and which means “Better Cotton is Good for Consumers + Good for Environment”, thus commits to abide by the aim;


  • To reduce negative environmental impacts of cotton production,
  • Improve income level and economic development of the cotton production region,
  • To ensure that Better Cotton becomes widespread by increasing the demand for Better Cotton by means of supply chain,
  • To ensure the reliability and sustainability of the “Better Cotton” Initiative.

In addition to this global-scale commitment of ours we have started the SmArtMen initiative in our country.  In our initiative with which we target future generations we have aimed to create “real” heroes who care for and embrace the future and we started our efforts with our employees and their families first.

We have reduced water and energy consumption by commencing faster and more efficient production with the single-pass digital printing technology which we have developed and which is the future of the digital printing technology. Single-pass digital printing technology will become widespread in the coming years and increase this affect all over the world. Furthermore, we also reduce our footprint by using concentrated chemical substances and preferring railway in transportation.