Continuous innovation for leadership in change

Menderes Tekstil sees the research and development processes as the way of life of the establishment within the framework of its desire to be the ‘establishment of the future’ with its sustainable production and environment concept.

We place importance on R&D works to keep our production processes updated and set up an infrastructure which can integrate innovations into our structure immediately to ensure this to carry out the production of all kinds of requests with our customer satisfaction oriented business concept.

We are aware that innovation should also be continuous to meet the responsibility we have as an international production base and maintain our role which leads changes. Menderes Tekstil has adopted being a structure which watches for and practices innovative changes as a principle with an awareness of continuity of change and the necessity to manage it well and has defined this fact as ‘Hunger for Change’.

Change and innovation which is the philosophy of our corporation takes place in our entire business processes from the outset to date. Cloth construction development efforts we started with our establishment continue today by following up technological developments closely.

Menderes Tekstil realizes many R&D projects within its structure with its R&D team, its experiences and knowledge. It has reached a capacity with which it can realize the process equipments which will produce the product within its structure with the projects it has designed and developed. By this means, it has risen to the position of a firm which designs and develops production technology and directs the sector.

The R&D experience and knowledge we have inspires the R&D programs other than our own and supports the studies done on this matter.  Making use of the integrated quality management system of our company and its experienced knowledge accumulation projects were prepared within the framework of “1501 - TÜBİTAK Sanayi Ar-Ge Projeleri Destekleme Programı” (1501 – TÜBİTAK Industry R&D Projects Support Programme).