Production Facilities

Menderes Tekstil production facilities turns the finest quality of cotton of the world into 60 thousand kg yarn, 750 thousand m2 woven, 900 thousand m2 printed material, 120 thousand m2 lining, interlining and 70 thousand sets of linen and bedding in 24 hours in 4 main factories.


At the same time;

  • 17tons/day knitting
  • Pattern and screen preparation in the measurements of all home textile products in the world
  • Production in unlimited colour and high resolution in Digital, Filmdruck and Rotation printing machines with a dyeing and printing capacity of 900 000m2/ day
  • 3 million m2/ day preliminary treatment of fabric with singeing- width sizing, washing, bleaching, drying and mercerizing.
  • 300 000 m2/day raising production
  • 800 000m2/day printing- dyeing process on fabric
  • 3 million m2/ day fabric finishing process
  • Quality control of 850 thousand m2/day fabric
  • 220 thousand/ day cutting in various sizes and models
  • 200 thousand meters/ day cutting- sewing and packing
  • 220 thousand meters/day manual sewing
  • 70 thousand sets/ day packaging

Is done in our factories.